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The Six Subjective Question Guidelines -- Enforcement Notice

Just a quick note here on meta to let everyone know we will be enforcing these six subjective question guidelines. Great subjective questions... inspire answers that explain “why” and “how”. tend to ...
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How to reconcile guidelines, community opinion and moderation

First of all, I realize that this topic has already been discussed ad nauseam, so I apologize in advance if nothing fruitful comes of this. I strongly feel that there is a large disconnect between ...
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What can we do to help users understand our site better?

As of right now, the close/migrated question rate for the past month or so is around 43% (see notes below) The majority of the closures are valid based on our site standards, however the fact users ...
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Why high number of closed questions? Extremely annoying.

What's the point of a subjective site when "too localized" questions or unpopular questions are asked. You would expect to see LESS closed questions here than elsewhere. Becoming very annoying and ...
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Can we anti-vote for closing/re-opening in parallel, instead of in series?

There is quite a high close rate here on Programmers.SE. I think it's fair to say that not everyone agrees with some of the decisions to close. As a result there's also a fairly high re-open rate. ...
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Questions barely or not related directly to programming. We need handling them.

Next week we will receive an avalanche of questions migrated from SO. We have a lot of questions not related to programming jobs if we drop the "programming" word. Nothing new so far. But we need a ...
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Why are almost half the questions on the front page marked "closed"?

I peek into Programmers Stack Exchange every once in a while and I keep noticing a pattern: there are a whole lot of [CLOSED]-marked questions. What is behind this? Are people unclear on what is or ...
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Reducing user frustration

There has been some minor stir about a user who apparently rage-quit P.SE. This isn't exactly common, but it isn't exactly uncommon either. I admit to this being a less than idea question itself - I ...
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What's the point of closing a question?

What's the point of closing a question if people can still answer, vote it up/down, favorite it and add comments? I dont get it :(
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Should the "Six Subjective Question Guidelines" be revised?

We all know about the "Six Subjective Question Guidelines" which we were ENFORCED to follow while asking questions in Programmers.SE. For convenience I am quoting them here- 1. Inspire answers that ...
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I don't think people (or me) understand

I trully understand when a question is unproper for a site, but this is ridiculous. My question was 'Do you have a phone on your desk?'. Obviously my intent was to share experiences from fellow ...
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Mods should be stopped from closing reopened stuff automatically the second time.

That's quite an outrage, why go so far against the grain to inflict your will upon the masses and not even acknowledge why you are doing so?
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How do you delete an account from programmers?

How does one delete their account from a specific Stack Exchange site?
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Why is this question closed? It's a good question about a bad idea. [closed]

Does giving a developer a slower development machine result in faster/more efficient code? Like most respondents, I am horrified that anyone would think this is a good strategy. But that doesn't ...
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Question being closed without community requests [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: When is it acceptable for a moderator to make a unilateral decision to close a question? Hey Jeff, why not letting the community decide about this question? The question has ...
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