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Does this site support questions asking to evaluate alternative solutions to a problem and if yes, how can I ask them?

This is how I tend to use this site (and other SE sites): I work. I run into a problem I cannot solve myself (at least not easily, without devoting very substantial time or effort I cannot now devote)...
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What are the guidelines for "How would you... ?" questions here?

I did read the Six Subjective Questions post and its Enforcement Notice, as well as some of the following discussions. My question is about questions that asks users to share their experience and/...
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Is there a place to discuss free software project concepts

I wonder if there is a place to discuss a software concept in general and its realisations in the free software community. My special case is some questions about OCR of books and I wonder if there is ...
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About that "Good Subjective Bad Subjective" blog post and Programmers

In the continuing effort to clean up our image and the historical pathways that people find Programmers.SE (in the spirit of Update "Introducing Programmers" blog to reflect site scope ...
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Should I downvote/close a question which I don't understand while it looks clear?

There are questions which are badly written and absolutely unclear. Those are downvoted and closed as unclear within minutes. There are questions which are clear but I personally can't understand ...
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Is this a good subjective question?

Once I opened a question on meta citing this article blog: Good Subjective, Bad Subjective and someone replied me: it's an old article now SE has got better, stricter and so on :-) It's a very good ...
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How can I reword this question to better fit

I have asked this question because I wanted to know how and why F. Brooks connected this quotation, from a restaurant: Good cooking takes time. If you are made to wait, it is to serve you better,...
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Where can I have subjective discussions about programming?

I entered Softwareengineering Stack Exchange and unfortunately, it wasn't what I was looking for. I expected you would be able to talk about all kinds of programming, but the rules are much stricter ...
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Are meta-"opinion based" questions opinion based?

Imagine a question: I have to do <some task>. I am trying to do this task in <some situation>. I can think of two technically valid ways to do this task. Here they are: Way 1: //snip ...
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The real borderline for "Opinion based" in Software Engineering

In Software Engineering.SE (formerly known as "Programmers.SE") most of the questions are correctly related to design, patterns, metodologies and architectures. Now, my question is: when does a ...
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Good subjective question on hold In response to my question being placed on hold I would like ...
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I am finding that questions which are in context are being close due to "off-topic"

I'm becoming frustrated at questions being closed due to being "off-topic" where they are clearly on topic. Two recent questions have been closed Please recommend a patterns book for iOS development: ...
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Should users reputation be hidden when they first answer questions?

This is highly subjective, but I've noticed that as my reputation has increased I seem to get slightly more upvotes. There are lots of possible explanations for this, but I wonder if people are more ...
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How do we define constructive questions?

Background Mark Trapp closed this question on the licensure of software engineers on Programmers for the reason of not being constructive. More recently, another question about replacing XML with JSON ...
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Fierce and irrational subjective questions hunting? [duplicate]

Before starting, take into account that my English is going to be awful XD. I think you are appliying a very restrictive policy when considering if a question is too subjective or not. You must also ...
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Putting contentious questions on probation

Say I've asked a question that may be rather controversial. Oh, wait, I have. It was closed, and for good reason: it's probably not the best fit for Stack Exchange, no matter how interesting the ...
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Should open-ended/poll questions be allowed just because they say to "explain your answers"?

tl;dr version: A lot of questions which would normally be closed as "Not Constructive" or NARQ have recently been getting a free pass because they say things at the end such as "please explain your ...
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Lists in questions, subjectiveness, and (in)appropriate editing

A user deleted content in my question that took me almost 30 minutes to type up... so if I sound mad it is because I am (it feels like my time was unfairly stolen from me). Could I get some help with ...
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Architecture (and a few other topics) questions, StackOverflow or Programmers? - How do you decide what is subjective?

I DO think this site is great for questions such as software-development-methologies, programming-eductaion, software-laws, business and many other non-programming related questions. However I believe ...
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Where is a good place outside of the stackexchange network to ask a subjective question but still get the quality and maturity of the SE community?

I had a subjective question that I was pretty sure would get closed, and it did. Before I wrote this question I debated with myself for quite a while before asking it for a few reasons. I highly ...
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Where do I ask a subjective question?

I actually have a question that is burning inside me but it can probably be considered open-ended and opinion based. I have seen other questions closed for being "discussion questions," or "subjective"...
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Do we need a definition and policy on what would be considered "overly broad" questions?

It seems to me there is a difference of opinion about how to handle questions that would be considered overly broad, and that is leading to inconsistent handling of questions. For your consideration,...
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Subjective question guidelines' interpretation.

Hi. I thought I definitely agreed with the Subjective Questions Guidelines, and it made sense to me to close those which did not reach a score of at least 4/6. It seems, though, that my ...
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How to answer "it depends" questions

As I've participated in this site I've seen quite a few questions whose answer will always be, "It depends." I think that all answers should give a justification for their opinion. Answers like this ...
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Confused about questions allowed here

I recently asked a question about how PHP can be improved: What features would you like to have in PHP? which was promptly closed as "not constructive" - even though I specifically asked constructive ...
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Questions like a forum thread

See that question: Does giving a developer a slower development machine result in faster/more efficient code? From OP's comment "many many responses... but not many answers.". This question is very ...
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Should the "Six Subjective Question Guidelines" be revised?

We all know about the "Six Subjective Question Guidelines" which we were ENFORCED to follow while asking questions in Programmers.SE. For convenience I am quoting them here- 1. Inspire answers that ...
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Is my question that bad, or am I totally out of it?

This question was closed for not meeting the criteria for a good subjective question: The ...
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Why high number of closed questions? Extremely annoying.

What's the point of a subjective site when "too localized" questions or unpopular questions are asked. You would expect to see LESS closed questions here than elsewhere. Becoming very annoying and ...
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Subjective Question Question

I know there is a lot of discussion about subjective questions, not just here, but all over the Stack Exchange network of sites. And I'm posting this because my question [Boss Asking To Work Overtime ...
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Incorrect order of checking the close vote reasons? [closed]

See the close votes and comments on the question When will IE6 be irrelevant?: Off topic (2) Not constructive (1) Not a real question (1)   Can you edit this question to meet "Guidelines for ...
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The Six Subjective Question Guidelines -- Enforcement Notice

Just a quick note here on meta to let everyone know we will be enforcing these six subjective question guidelines. Great subjective questions... inspire answers that explain “why” and “how”. tend to ...
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Can I ask a Subject Question about Stackoverflow?

I know subjective questions are unacceptable on, but what if the question is directly about stackoverflow, for example: Have you noticed more [insert lanuage of you choice] ...
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Should we have a "not subjective enough" close reason? [closed]

To delininate what makes this site different from All questions here should be inherently subjective and unanswerable, and all the answers to said questions should be 100% based ...
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