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Why don't we just set up a robot to automagically add 5 close votes to every question over the course of, say, 5 hours?

Allow that I have been here pretty much from the start Let us take: Closed as "too broad". Really ? I might ...
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A place for the subjective, fun questions

Before the "Six Subjective Question Guidelines" there were a lot of controversial, useless, funny rants around here. Hilariously angry people telling Dilbert-like stories. I understand that not ...
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What was wrong with the Subjective tag?

Rant incoming... I think this fracturing of SO into a 'subjective' and 'non-subjective' version is the worst idea since New Coke. Its idealogical nonsense in the face of what made SO great, i.e. a ...
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Mods should be stopped from closing reopened stuff automatically the second time.

That's quite an outrage, why go so far against the grain to inflict your will upon the masses and not even acknowledge why you are doing so?
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Do I totally not understand the point of Programmers.SE?

I've asked 3 questions so far The programming plant one The pronunciation of Delphi one The Unnecessary Code One and they've all been scoffed at or given joke answers. I think I've been improving ...
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