The question https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/q/159369/67524 is marked as a duplicate, however the duplicate link returns 404.

What is the appropriate action going forward here?

  • Should the question be closed?
  • Should the question be removed in its entirety?

I feel like this creates a bad impression of members and visitors looking for this information.

I did see Are you guys turning P.SE into a 404 black hole? which seems to address a larger issue, but I would like to focus on this question in particular here.

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The original question was written by the same guy. Their first question got closed as "not constructive" (Too Broad, essentially), so he decided to re-ask it on Stack Overflow, where it promptly got migrated to Programmers and closed as a duplicate.

So not much to see here, really.

In the future, just flag for moderator attention with a custom reason, and explain the problem. No need for a meta post on every one of these. I've already flagged the question in question.

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