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Why was this flag declined?

I flagged a question using this message: as complained in comments, cross-posted at SO:… (flagging per
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Can I ask same question in multiple sites?

Can I ask same question in both and or maybe other Stack Exchange site? or it will be duplicate question?
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Perform automatic checks for cross-posting and question block at SO when post enters close queue, not only at attempt to migrate [duplicate]

Suggest to perform automatic checks for cross-posting (including deleted SO cross-posts, like this one for example) and question block / warning at Stack Overflow when post enters close queue, not ...
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Should cross-posting be allowed sometimes on Programmers?

I ask the community. The following question here led to the OP asking the greater site here which seems to have a broader and more popular consensus that when a question is ...
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What difficulties could be there in establishing automatic checks for SO cross-posts on a site like our (50-100 questions a day)? [duplicate]

The automatic check I would like to learn about looks like as follows: For every question posted (alternatively: voted to close or pushed to close queue), Check if asker has linked SO account If yes,...
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Belongs on Stack Overflow and is a duplicate on Stack Overflow

At the moment you can't specify a duplicate on Stack Overflow from Programmers. You can vote to close or flag as "belongs on Stack Overflow" and add a link to the dupe as a comment, but should it be ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What's the crossposting policy with SO?

I posted a question on StackOverflow that I think could have also been posted on Softwareengineering.SE. The question has gotten no answers on SO. Is it bad practice to post the same question here ...
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Do we allow cross posting from non-tech SEs?

Take for example this question. This user knows they are cross posting and the question is word for word the same as the one on I wanted to say something, but I figured someone else ...
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Cross Site Questions

I think we should allow for a question to be listed on multiple sites, if it meets the charter of both sites. There would be a feature similar to the "migrate" feature except it will be a "share with ...
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