I asked this question a few days ago. Shortly after I placed a bounty on it (due to low attention), it was migrated to Stack Overflow, with no comment or anything (and, weirdly enough, the bounty was refunded despite bounties being "non-refundable under any circumstances," but I digress). Without any sort of explanation, I find it difficult to determine why it was inappropriate for Programmers. It strikes me as more of a design than a coding question, though it does have elements of both.

Presumably, there was a valid reason for the migration. Under that assumption, what did I do wrong? Why was Programmers a poor choice of venue for this question?


Being the first one to cast a vote to migrate the question, my reasoning for the vote was thus:

  • There was no bounty on the question at that time (the history shows that it was removed earlier by a moderator), so that didn't play a role.
  • The question looked to me more of an implementation issue (how to best implement this specific behavior) than a design question.
  • The question only has language tags. In my experience, questions with only a single tag specifying a language (or, as in this case, multiple tags all specifying the same language) are in the vast majority questions that are better suited for Stack Overflow.

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