James World

I am an independent consultant working on a contract-only basis, I am currently fully engaged.

I am a polyglot programmer, although most of my professional programming experience is in C#, which I both learned and taught over nearly a decade at Microsoft, where I also ran the performance and scalability labs for 3 years. I am full-stack developer, equally comfortable working on front and back-end systems.

I have a passion for software development. This is backed by a breadth and depth of professional experience spanning over 20 years. I have worked predominantly for blue chip companies in the financial sector on Microsoft platforms.

I am a regular speaker at .NET user groups and contributor on Stack Overflow where I am the #1 contributor on the Reactive Extensions tag (system.reactive). I am a passionate advocate of agile patterns and practices. I enjoy presenting to and mentoring others on what I have learned (and am still learning) about software theory, technology and disciplines.