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Chief Salesforce Architect & Salesforce Practice lead for a digital agency. I manage a team of technologists, architects, and developers and contribute directly to more complex customer accounts.

I am an eleven+ year veteran of Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C (Demandware) development & architecture. I am a certified SFCC B2C Commerce Developer, SFCC B2C Commerce Support Technician (legacy Cert), and SFCC B2C Commerce Architect. I am also a three-time subject matter expert (SME) for Salesforce Trailhead's certification team for Commerce Cloud B2C-related certification programs. I occasionally speak at conferences about Composable Commerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

I've been producing HTML, Javascript & CSS for over twenty-four years. (Wow...)

I dump the rest of my time into my family, Milsim Airsoft, photography, sport and tactical shooting, Gaming (sholsinger on most things; steam, glitch#1619 on, PSN), and moar programming.


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