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Lead Software Engineer with hands on experience of 8 years in design and development of software applications in various domains. I care deeply about the quality of my work and that of my team. Eager to analyze new technologies.

Below is the summary of my experience on technical skills:

  • .NET / .NET Core - ASP.NET MVC / WebAPI / WCF / WPF / Silverlight
  • Web - HTML / CSS / JavaScript / Angular / React
  • DB - MS SQL(T-SQL), Oracle (PL-SQL), Entity Framework, Dapper
  • Unit Testing - nUnit / MSTest / xUnit
  • Message Queuing – RabbitMQ / AMQP
  • Following agile practices, applying SOLID design principles and solving problems with the help of the appropriate design patterns
  • Containerization: Docker / Kubernetes
  • Source Control: Git / Perforce
  • Cloud: Azure
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