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What can we do to help users understand our site better?
12 votes

Users not reading the FAQ, and not understanding what this site is for I am pretty new here, so I might be completely off, but I think that's the main problem. When I first found the site, I read the ...

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What have I missed in asking a subjective question?
7 votes

I don't think the question is really answerable, you are essentially asking for "war stories", that's more appropriate for a discussion forum, imho. What is the problem you are trying to ...

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Introduction to new community moderator
3 votes

Welcome! I wasn't a user back when the elections where held, but our first ever discussion today was certainly pleasant and informative, what I'd expect from a moderator. This "question" ...

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Programmers Stack Exchange question downvoting, what to do?
3 votes

The downvote arrow tooltip says: This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful Latest questions with negative score: Where can I get practice questions? No ...

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