Omar Abdel Bari

An entrepreneur with a Software Engineering and Management diploma. Current working on a startup but open to both contract and permanent opportunities. Also reachable via LinkedIn.

Previous work projects can be summarized with the following roles:

  • Building consumer applications (UI + web applications) from scratch (such as TagThatPhoto)
  • Developing existing web applications (both UI and server-side APIs
  • Support of many high traffic production web applications and mobile apps
  • Building tools to automate many support responsibilities such as retrieving relevant logs from production applications

Industries Touched:

  • Telecommunication
  • Consumer Applications
  • Industrial Automation

Off-work Software Activities:

  • Reading design patterns literature (such as Microservices patterns)
  • Building Projects/Startups (Using new technologies where it makes sense)
  • Mentoring junior developers
  • Hamilton, ON, Canada
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