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I do this in my "free-time", not as a representative of any company or my employer. All views and opinions expressed are my own.

tea me

B.Sc. in Software Engineering and Computer Science from Rose Hulman Institute of Technology

Currently working with Kubernetes and Cloud PaaS APIs.
Previously in the Big Data + NoSQL industry, Hortonworks, Cloudera, Confluent certified.
Hadoop since 2014, Kafka+Confluent ecosystem in 2017.

Have dabbled in Android (2013) and fairly large Java applications.
Occasionally, I'll do small scripting in Python, though Golang scripts also seem really useful because running pip everywhere is a nightmare.

I have some understanding of DevOps as well (networking, provisioning, etc). Fan of Ansible over Puppet & Chef.

Hit me up on LinkedIn to check out my history1

1. Please only connect with me to do exactly that; I kindly ask that you not ask for help on what you should be posting on StackOverflow instead. Same applies for my email, if you can find it. You may tag me in a comment to get my attention.

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