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Jay Stevens

The first computers I programmed on were an IBM 8088 and then a Color Apple 2. I graduated in 1986 to a Mac-Plus so that I could record digital sequenced music.

(What's the most powerful computer in the world? The one people use.)

... then I upgraded to dual floppy drives (Chuck Yeager Flight Simulator required it), then upgraded to a 40MB HD (all my MIDI programming demanded it), but then I was seduced by the PC-Master Race.

(What's the most powerful computer in the world? The one that has software to run on it.)

In 1990, I discovered SAS, SPSS and Statistics. So while I am .NET/Typescript/HTML/PWA geek architect; I am also a SAS-Ninja-Shadow-Warrior, machine learning, analytics, jedi master and data wrangler as well.