Vladislav Rastrusny

General trends:

  • Backend developer (PHP or Java based).
  • Architect (S.O.L.I.D. lover, Scrum-follower, DDD-fan).
  • Microservice-trended


  • Linux server administration (proficient). Installed from scratch and tuned LAMP-stack web servers based on CentOS for my customers.
  • Windows desktop administration (proficient). Use Windows workstation every day.


  • PHP (expert). From scratch development of complex websites, various custom systems and one billing&accounting system.
  • Delphi (expert). Commercial products written.
  • Javascript (intermediate). Not a front-end genius, but developed some custom ReactJS components for websites.
  • Java (intermediate). Two successful projects in past: DistribuCalc and ShieldSuite
  • CSS (beginner). Not really doing anything serious with CSS, but looking forward to try and learn things, while excercising something like BEM or OOCSS.
  • C# (.NET, beginner). Just enjoying the power of this language. Closely watching Mono.
  • Bash (beginner). Wrote simple automation scripts for Linux servers.


  • [PHP] Laravel framework (expert). From scratch development of complex websites.
  • [PHP] CakePHP (intermediate). Maintained a project, that was using it.
  • [PHP] Symfony framework (beginner). Just enjoy this wonderful piece of art and follow its news.
  • [PHP] Yii2 framework (beginner). Used it in one project.
  • [CSS] Twitter Bootstrap (intermediate). Used in a new project.


  • [JS] ReactJS (intermediate). Developed custom components for one of the websites using ReactJS.
  • [JS] jQuery (intermediate). Used it in almost all PHP projects.
  • [Java] JOOQ. Used it in my commercial Distribucalc project.

Database servers:

  • MySQL (expert). Used in 90% of my projects from forums to billing systems.
  • PostgreSQL (intermediate). Used it in one project as a powerful MySQL alternative.
  • MS SQL Server (beginner). Used it as a backend storage for a retail accounting system.


  • Git (expert). Using git branching model every day (release-, feature-, task-branching)
  • Ansible (intermediate). Used it to build custom Vagrant environment for dev purposes.
  • RabbitMQ (intermediate). Used as a communication method for delayed tasks using SOA.
  • Redis (intermediate). My caching system fo the choice.