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What do I say? I have been in software development since 2003... mostly wandering somewhere around the .Net stack. I have a good mixture of experience in every phase of the SDLC, and in all tiers. Right now, I'm mainly focused on mastering Bootstrap, MVC and SharePoint, because those are the technologies primarily used at my present company.

I'm a big gamer, but being an adult with a family makes it difficult to keep up on the latest and greatest. So, right now I'm a few years behind, casually playing some of the titles I missed back in the day.

I think SO is a great place to learn and find answers to your most burning questions. But, I do find the attitude here to be a little stand-offish and elitist. I would certainly like to contribute to improving the image of the community while at the same time not step on the toes of veterans. So, rather than be a snob, I'll try to answer questions and/or explain why SO isn't the forum to ask questions that may be frowned upon by the community.

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