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Hi! I have been working full-time as a software engineer since I graduated from college in 2005. I began coding when I was 13, and I have loved it ever since. My main interest area is information security – or cyber if you prefer – and in addition to writing security software for a long time, I have also done some penetration testing work. In the last three years, I have been working as a contractor on a DARPA R&D contract involving web crawling, dark web, and machine learning.

My main strength is developing web applications in high-level languages – Python is my favorite – but I consider myself more of a general hacker who is comfortable working with a wide range of technologies and learning whatever I need to accomplish the task at hand. (I suppose that full-stack is the trendy term.) In my study of infosec, I have spent a lot of time learning to read assembly and reverse engineer applications to develop exploits. (I have the OSCP, CISSP, and CEH certifications.)

I have released a couple of work projects as open source. I created an easy-to-use web crawler called Starbelly, as well as a database migrations system called Agnostic. And if you want to get really nerdy with me, I wrote a tiny utility called sshadduser that simplifies the error-prone process of giving somebody SSH access to a server. I also like writing and teaching. In addition to developing infosec courses for government clients, I also participate here on Stack Overflow and infrequently publish on my tech blog.

I have been working full-time remote for several years now out of my home office in the Washington DC area. I am seeking contract work (1099) for 2018.

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