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Can you people here stop being so rude?
Accepted answer
18 votes

you can kindly comment and tell them that this question is offtopic in a friendly way, but don't downvote innocent questions or close them You have come into a fundamental misconception. It's a ...

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New question starts at -1?
4 votes

I'm pretty certain there was not enough time for anyone to downvote it. Well, you are wrong. :) New questions pop up on in the news feed immediately, and there are enough people on the site for at ...

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Introducing unrelated languages into a language specific (or agnostic) question
3 votes

In the first case, some responders introduce a 2nd language into the post by way of an answer. While I appreciate they're trying to help, I believe that it should be possible to flag this as off topic....

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New, perhaps improper tag to old question
Accepted answer
1 votes

I've removed the tag. That was vandalism, plain and simple. If you see it edited in again, flag for moderator attention.

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Show a banner to new users linking them to the help center
0 votes

I dunno - I think we've shown on SE time and time again that showing this sort of information to people who didn't see fit to look it up in the first place is completely ineffectual. Meanwhile, I can ...

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Please link to discussions which lead to a transition to the current (strict, less personal) question expectations
-3 votes

I've heard people complain about elitists on SE before. What few arguments are provided are usually driven by shameless self-interest and frustration at being asked to put down a certain sense of ...

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