I have a website, Taeluf.com. It needs a lot of work, but I've written a few decent things on there. It's not a priority project.

Check out my Github.com/Taeluf. I'm on twitter @TaelufDev

My favorite projects are:

  • Liaison: A webapp & website framework I've been working on for a very long time
  • Documentor: Allows you to @export docblocks & later @import them into .md files
  • Better-Regex: Let's you write regex on multiple lines & it adds some neat functions to regex.
  • JS-Autowire: Uses classes to define event listeners on nodes & let's one Autowire object/node easily reference other Autowired nodes in it's context.
  • RBDoc: A DOMDocument improvement. I need to document it.
  • RDB: Extends Redbean to make some things easier

Other Cool stuff:

Other things, I guess:

  • Autoloader: Pretty dang simple. It's definitely not great
  • Tokenizer: A fine attempt, but not great results... Not sure if I'll develop it more
  • ROF File: A configuration file format I designed... Not sure if I'll develop it more