I was a programmer in, like, 2012. I had a forum website (really just me sharing stuff). And I had some Android apps, one that was very successful. Things didn't quite work out and I took some time off.

I've started programming again in May 2018. Working on my "I'm a programmer" website. Developing a website for local businesses. And developing a website for a non-profit organization I started. I'm working on a variety of open-source projects. They're all slowly coming together, but none are really top-tier yet.

Things have been slow going, but I'm getting there.

I do PHP, HTML, Javascript, and CSS now. I've considered frameworks, but really like doing it myself, so I haven't used any (kinda building my own open-source thing). Sometimes to my regret, as I'm sure it increases the time I spend coding. But it's also quite fun reinventing all the wheels.

My "I'm a programmer" website is http://www.ReedOverflow.com
My local businesses site is not ready to launch yet, but I will share the link soon.
My non-profit is at http://www.MaconZero.com
My Githup is at https://github.com/ReedOverflow
And there's other things I'm working on. But nothing too notable as of yet.

I'm hosted by HostGator. The price is fine. The service is fine. I'd like Bluehost, but I need the monthly subscription right now.