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Tim Malone
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IT & media nut in Melbourne, Australia.
DevOps engineer at Kablamo.
Contact me via Twitter.

I'm a bit of a philomath with wide interests and you'll probably see me commenting, questioning, answering - or just quietly browsing and voting - right across the StackExchange network.

My day job primarily involves AWS, DevOps, security, automation and Linux. But depending on what phase I'm going through you might find I'm also in to: server management, Node.js, Python, Go, programming in general, the web, travel, software, FLOSS software, web apps, finance, politics, coffee, Christianity and the Bible, learning languages, cooking, IT in general, workplace culture, psychology, Ubuntu, IoT, movies, getting outdoors, being productive, cycling, planes and trains, doing stuff around the house, chess, living sustainably, genealogy, hacking life, listening to music, playing board games, or law. Not all at the same time, mind you.

To make life easier for you, any original code that I post in my responses is available under CC0. Attribution is always nice when possible, but you are not legally required to do so.

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