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I enjoy integrating systems to solve problems efficiently, making systems/solutions/processes faster, accomplishing things efficiently and fighting fires / aka solving problems. When not coding/developing/designing I can be found cycling, playing guitar or lacrosse, or training to do one of the three... unless I got lazy and am just relaxing on the couch playing a video game.

I've been developing professionally since I was in high school, including 3 years at IBM in Austin working on WMQ:LLM and a patent in managing a virtual machine. For 10+ years I worked at a top Proprietary Trading Firm in Chicago developing, supporting and extending our in-house trading platform.

I left to take a lower stress role with more latitude.

Day to day I mainly use: C/C++, Python, Bash/Fish, gnuMake, GIT and emacs, Docker on Linux and OSX. Although now I'm starting to have to use CMake.

I'm an emacs guy and I don't use vi/m, but I'm planning on learning it oddly enough. I can be the computer science equivalent of my father, a New Yorker from Brooklyn who after living 30+ years in Boston now roots for both the Yankees and Red Sox.

Lastly the answer is always 42.

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