The same way as for regular suggested edits, i.e. via the Suggested Edits review queue. However, users need 5000 reputation to approve suggested edits to tag wikis; much more than the 2000 for regular Q&A posts. Therefore, those edits take much longer to be reviewed, see e.g. this SEDE query for comparison. (Some regular Q&A edits take or seem to ...


The close reason of unclear isn't really accurate. This question is primarily opinion based, since it's a name this thing question. The edit does not resolve the reasons for closing the question and make it into a question that would be reopened, so rejecting the edits is appropriate to prevent the question from being bumped back to the homepage.


I am in favour of edits that remove irrelevant phrases. Any such edit is an improvement to the overall quality of the site. However, merely removing “Hope this helps.” is a very minor edit, especially compared with the length of that specific answer. When you edit a post, try to improve it as much as possible. Do not focus on only a single problem with a ...

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