I'm not totally opposed to looking into upping the limits here, but I want to run some data first. However, there's two things at play here that we need to deal with separately, while at the same time not forgetting that they're symptoms of a whole. Let's go by each problem, on its own. Q-blocked users trying their luck here This is a growing problem that ...


According to the data, of 464 users who can vote to close, 35 have hit the limit at least once: days ---- 583 488 176 68 31 27 21 13 12 10 10 ... (35 row(s) returned) For reference, 19 of those users have at least 10k reputation as of today. Just two users have run out of close votes 1,071 times compared to 553 for the field. On ...


This is hitting an edge case with the markdown space forcer workaround. In order to remove it we have to rework the comment structure from tables to something nicer. I'm deferring this one for now.

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