I wrote a query that provides the raw data for the answer. You can find it here. http://data.stackexchange.com/programmers/query/307939/first-posts-closed-compared-to-second-posts-closed The raw data shows first posts by new users within the last year from today where there first post was closed within 48 hours. Each post in this subquery is ranked so ...


I'm going to work up a more complex query, but here's some basic data about retention that I'd like to look at more in order to scope said query. We get a lot of users unlikely to stick around, in particular below the 200 reputation level. To put this in context: There are 3,282 users between 150 and 200 rep. Of them, 1,180 have not been seen in 180 days ...


Last year we closed 2728 questions and left 4125 open. 39.8% close rate. This year we closed 4482 questions and left 3417 open. 56.7% close rate.

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