Yeah it sounds like overreaction but there are always some genuine questions which may not have genuine answer but may have collection of answers to satisfy the questioner. Your question is legitimate and appropriate for a discussion forum, Reddit or Slashdot but we actively discourage such open ended broad questions here. We are looking to build a site ...


If what you have in mind is a kind of architecture / design review question, then technically, those questions would be a bit "too localized"1. However, we do have a sister site dedicated to code reviews, and it's doing just fine. I don't see why we couldn't at least try to find a way to make architecture / design reviews work on Programmers. I'd say... ...


This really wouldn't work on any SE site, however for discussion topics like this you are more than welcome to join Chat and bring up any topic you like, there's fairly consistent activity in there throughout the day with experts from the industry.


Yes. You can log in at the Stack Exchange website. If you visit your profile there, you'll see activities across the network. There's a "favorites" tab that shows you your favorite questions from across the network.


Discussions are not suited for the Q&A portion of any Stack Exchange site. You may want to check out the chat rooms, though. Programmers has one that is pretty active - The Whiteboard. Other sites may have others as well. For extended discussion on the Stack Exchange network, this is what is available. Otherwise, a site that is more like a discussion ...


This question has been asked and answered on The Workplace. Variants are also on that site.


I can't recall the podcast edition where Joel Spolsky made a comment about question evaluation/voting. One point he made was to evaluate questions on how they are asked and not just whether you agree with the premise or whether or not it belongs on the site. Having a good title. providing enough information and using appropriate tags Formating your code. ...


There are a few "how do I learn from existing open source architectures" scattered around here. The answers usually point to Architecture of Open Source Applications which is a great resource!

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