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As a point of reference, we don't detect much spam on Software Engineering: see the list here. Some sites get more, some get less, and there isn't much rhyme or reason to it. At minimum autoflagging accuracy, we would have flagged only one post, from two months ago - this one (link for <10kers).


I'm not sure I understand what you are saying here. To answer the most obvious question - having multiple accounts that interact by answering each other's questions or cross voting is not allowed and, when discovered, will result in suspension. However, looking at the question you link to I can't see any evidence of collusion. The accounts of the people ...


There's not a lot we (as moderators) can do other than reject the edits as they appear. Suspending the user would be overkill for one bad edit, however if the behaviour persisted then it might be in order. A history of bad suggested edits will also result in a ban from suggesting edits so rejection is exactly the right thing to do in these circumstances.


I don't think it is. The OP has been a member of Programmers for 8 months, and they seem to be questioning how the framework compares to other javascript frameworks, not raving about its capabilities. Sure it's badly written and probably should be closed, but I don't think its an advertisement. The javascript framework angularjs has made a great start. ...


Wording smells too much promotional, making reader feel more like at an ad board: The javascript framework a-product has made a great start. but I am just wondering if this is just another framework like so many already available in javascript. Is a-product a competitor of jQuery in a broader sense or can it be compared to lesser known libraies like ...

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