I see no reason to do anything about it.


"Hot Questions List is optimized for bikeshedding questions..." This was an easy question that got 10 answers in about 10 hours according to timeline. At our site this means it was doomed to get into hot list and gain multiple upvotes from entertained visitors from Stack Overflow - which in turn made it stick in the list for quite long time gaining even ...


I just deleted all answers that were not positive scoring (<= 0). I'm debating historical locking it, but I don't think it meets all the criteria for a historical lock. I do wish that there was a "popular, but we don't need to beat a dead horse" lock or a stronger form of question protection.


Sort of a later follow-up: question was further cleaned up and 14 answers that didn't attempt to address the question and/or were repeating prior ones were removed by moderator (one or two answers were deleted by their authors per discussion in comments). The question looks generally good to me, it appears to be reasonably clear and focused and rather ...

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