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I'm resigning as a moderator from all Stack Exchange sites

I've been struggling to find the right words to express how I feel about this. For years now this site has been a second home to me. A place to learn and show off. A place to conect. A place to dwell....
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I'm resigning as a moderator from all Stack Exchange sites

I waxed if I should reply to this or start an entire thread by itself, but I wanted to toss this in. I never 'knew' Robert, but he was professionally critically of a question I asked once, and at ...
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We are no longer accepting questions from this account

Although you don't have any deleted recent questions, you do have 7 deleted questions out of 10 questions asked. Your net score on questions is also negative. Your questions are: https://...
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What moderators should do?

Moderators are supposed to be human exception handlers. If there's something on the site that you as a regular user can't deal with - either alone (e.g. by editing) or in conjunction with other users (...
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My question was simultaneously answered, put on hold, and finally deleted. Why, and how can I improve my question?

First, let me say Robert did not really answer your question (and I don't mean the fact he only used the comment sections): The comment to your first bullet point gives just a starter for an idea of ...
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Have the mods started censoring close votes?

The question was flagged for moderator review, suggesting migration. I reviewed the flag and the question and determined that the question was indeed on-topic for this community. I dismissed the flag ...
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Perform automatic checks for cross-posting and question block at SO when post enters close queue, not only at attempt to migrate

How does raising a mod flag help here? What do you want moderators to do with these flags? Whatever that action is, can we just do it automatically when a close vote or flag is raised?
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