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You point to a valid problem, but the solution cannot be to interfere with normal moderation or cleanup activities like deleting a question. The actual problem here is that the Meta question relied on an external link. External links may provide additional context for a question, but the question should be able to stand on its own. Admittedly this is ...


Thanks for reporting it. There was some issue with our SVG sprite file for icons. For some reason it was off by few pixels - probably there was some issue with file export. Anyway, fix for this is now in repo waiting for build. Should be up in few hours. (fyi: I'm one of designers working in Stack Overflow sorry if that wasn't clear)


It's not a fold. It's a diagonal green stripe indicating that the question has an accepted answer.


The site frowns on "opinion based" questions. It prefers questions that can be answered with "facts, references, or specific expertise." A question is less likely to be closed on meta than on the main site because there is a large body of "precedent" (across all SE sites), for most questions. But when there isn't, because the question gets into "uncharted ...

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