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Manishearth's answer is (basically) the short version. Our core development team is ~7 people strong, and our design team is literally a single person. There's lots of projects, network-wide, that vie equally for their attention. Eight people handle all user feature requests. The longer answer is a bit more complicated. Since I'm talking to people involved ...


Link meta in comments more frequently For example, if you are closing a question, provide a meta link with your comment on why the question was closed, and point them to either an existing meta question which explains why their questions was closed (or better yet, one that tells them how to revise their question to get it re-opened)


You point to a valid problem, but the solution cannot be to interfere with normal moderation or cleanup activities like deleting a question. The actual problem here is that the Meta question relied on an external link. External links may provide additional context for a question, but the question should be able to stand on its own. Admittedly this is ...


I went over all our open bugs and feature requests and retagged/closed a lot of them. The Meta front page looks like a battlefield because of this, but I figured it would be better to do it in one big sweep to get a better idea of what we are talking about. So, right now we have: 8 open bugs, and 25 open feature requests. It's not that bad. Yes, there are ...


Add some kind of description about what Meta actually is on its home page As it stands now, a user's opinion on meta will be shaped by what questions happen to be on the front page, and if the user doesn't find any of those questions interesting, they're likely to assume the site is uninteresting and not come back We might need to get the SE team to help ...


Regarding the list of migration targets - only graduated sites are added to the list. While a site is still in beta (even if beta lasts years rather than months) there is the risk that the site would be closed down which is one reason why they're not allowed.


Good reasons to close: Off Topic This means there is probably a better place to ask the question. If it is answered here then people looking in the correct place will not find the answer, thus the question and answer do not provide benefit to future users. Duplicate: This means the question has been asked and answered. There is no point in repeating the ...


There are countless design "bugs" that may or may not get fixed in any reasonable amount of time because they don't actually matter very much. Everyone has their pet peeves, but when and how those actually amount to problems worth fixing is subjective. Easy to fix when related changes are being made, but not a high priority otherwise. This may change ...


Every meta has this problem. Dev time seems to be concentrated towards features like the new review queue. There is a priority, they probably stick to it. There are lots of metas, and site-specific feature request probably have less priority. Even on the mother meta (MSO) --which would probably have more priority-- a lot of bugs/featurreqs have passed ...


First, a question likely isn't bad. Some common causes are: Off topic Duplicate Discussion based answer ("not a real question") - which may be an excellent question but not a fit for a Q&A site. Forum sites would welcome these questions. Ignoring the questions would dilute the stackexchange site by letting questions that the site doesn't want stand.


Thanks for reporting it. There was some issue with our SVG sprite file for icons. For some reason it was off by few pixels - probably there was some issue with file export. Anyway, fix for this is now in repo waiting for build. Should be up in few hours. (fyi: I'm one of designers working in Stack Overflow sorry if that wasn't clear)


It's not a fold. It's a diagonal green stripe indicating that the question has an accepted answer.


The site frowns on "opinion based" questions. It prefers questions that can be answered with "facts, references, or specific expertise." A question is less likely to be closed on meta than on the main site because there is a large body of "precedent" (across all SE sites), for most questions. But when there isn't, because the question gets into "uncharted ...

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