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What can be done about repetitive posting of homework questions?

I'm not sure that anything special is needed. If the question is not a good fit for our site, vote to close. Optionally, leave a comment with guidance on how the question can be improved (or up vote ...
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Open letter to students with homework problems

This letter is missing something. Software engineers enjoy solving problems and building things with computers. If a typical homework problem seems like a boring drudge, or 'too hard' for you, you'...
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2 votes

Open letter to students with homework problems

A minor addendum, but I think worth adding separately: the thoughts outlined in the question are correct, but here: So, you've exhausted the resources. You've tried asking your instructor. The ...
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Please increase rate limit for new users asking questions to one used at Stack Overflow (1 per 90 minutes)

For a couple of reasons (discussed in this post at MSO) rate limit for new users asking questions is now set to 40 minutes at Stack Overflow, Programmers and network wide. More precisely, The ...
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If I was a homework cheater,

Seeing as there's been a glut of 1-rep users asking some truly obvious test questions today for some reason, I'd like to offer a new solution: Add phrasing "including exam/test/homework questions" to ...
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