Content to moderate List here any queries that pull questionable content that may need moderator flagging or user moderation such as close votes/deletion/open votes/undeletion/edit approval etc. Comments stating "+1" with little other content ...excluding closed posts downvote comments (comments that start with -1) Marginal short answers with links, ...


User Participation List here any queries you have that give interesting details about specific user participation. Specific user rankings or metrics for instance: Who's most best? Who's least best? Users average answer rep? What have you (what have me, us. yes). Highest user up vote and down vote ratios, with ancillary stats Top close voters with close ...


Site Participation List here any queries detailing over all site usage, number of users, number of user votes, number of questions and answers and closures and whatever else insofar as it's an aggregate of data over the whole site's user-generated-content (ergo participation). Sites questions and answer count per day ...per 7 day period ...per day of the ...


First Posts Closed compared to Second Posts Closed http://data.stackexchange.com/programmers/query/307939/first-posts-closed-compared-to-second-posts-closed NOTE For some context: Does closing a question before an answer is received change the behavior of a user on future questions?


There's no way to do this via SEDE, so comparing data dumps is pretty much your only half-way sane option.

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