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Reasking the question so that it's tailored to the other site's audience is OK. You'll bring out aspects that the first site missed or you'll be able to focus your question as a result of the answers on the first site. Just copy/pasting the question from one site to another isn't going to work well. It's either going to be totally off message (note not ...


Cross posting is not to be encouraged. The same question can be asked on multiple sites, but it should be tailored to each site's audience. It's the rare question that can be asked "as is" on multiple sites. The problem here is that the OP was encouraged to ask by comments such as this: This should be posted to StackOverflow or Programmers.SE The correct ...


Questions shouldn't be cross-posted - if your question happens to be on-topic on more than one site, ask it based on the kinds of answers you want to get. Your question, however, doesn't appear to be on-topic here. It's best to continue to refine your question (if you can) and leave it on Stack Overflow. It looks like an implementation issue to me, and not a ...


Do not cross post. In general if a question is more suitable for Programmers than Stack Overflow then the appropriate action would be to flag it for moderation attention and ask for it to be moved here. However your question is about an implementation issue, which makes it off topic for Programmers.


I think the question should have been migrated instead of cross-posted, but that said, cross-posting is discouraged but not against the rules Per this answer by ChrisF There's nothing wrong with posting the same question on multiple sites - as long as it's tailored for each site and not a cut and paste repost. Each site is unique. It has it's own ...


I agree with Robert Harvey's answer on Meta Stack Exchange. Although cross-posting should be discouraged, especially questions that are directly copied/pasted between sites without tailoring to nuances that exist between each community, the copy-paste by itself is not a valid reason for closure. Questions should be closed on their merit - they are a ...


I see no benefit whatsoever in crossposting, as in posting the same question verbatim on multiple platforms targeting the same audience. If the audiences are so diverse that you're likely to get valuable answers from multiple perspectives, all of them relevant, it might be a good idea on occasion. REposting, as in asking the same question elsewhere (...


This is the official guidance for cross-posting questions between Stack Exchange sites. In short, each site is a different community. Even if the question would be on-topic on multiple sites, you should read each site's Help Center to find out what is and isn't on-topic and similar questions to find out the types of answers each site provides, and then ask ...


How does raising a mod flag help here? What do you want moderators to do with these flags? Whatever that action is, can we just do it automatically when a close vote or flag is raised?


Maybe this should be a comment, rather than an answer, but... I've just hit this problem with this question which I flagged, with a comment about it being an exact duplicate of a question on StackOverflow My flag was declined (fair enough) with the response: We can't do anything about a cross site duplicate. OK, if true, but seems a bit unfortunate!


Nope. Well, technically you can, but it's preferred if you don't. Posting duplicate questions on multiple sites makes it harder for future users to find the answer to the question.

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