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Career advice is off-topic, as mentioned in the Help Center. It's also one of the off-topic close reasons. Such questions are too unique to your particular situation to be useful to the broader audience of software development professionals.


I think the closure of this question is correct. Not that the question itself is bad, but I think it does not pass the test: "Would the answer to the question be materially different if a non-programmer answered it?" Rephrasing your question to a non-programmer one: "As a soon-to-be-grad, will my skills and/or career suffer if I join a startup where I'll ...


No, career questions are off topic precisely because they do not generalize well. Giving a good career recommendation requires lots of personal information (career goals, skills, education, work eligibility, location, income requirements, experience, etc.). Even if we gave the perfect recommendation for you, that may not be helpful to others. If we tried ...


To improve your question's chance of survival, I'd remove the word "career" everywhere it occurs and focus on skills. I'd also remove the career-development tag. When reviewing answers, keep in mind that no one really knows. I'm sure there are plenty of examples of heavy-duty programmers who pulled themselves up by their bootstraps without more senior ...

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