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While The Whiteboard blog shares the name and its early history with our Software Engineering chat room The Whiteboard, it is in spirit and in practice completely separate from this site. Most discussion about it happens in a non-public chat room. It is a community blog only in the sense that it grew out of this community. It should not and cannot be used as ...


Absolutely not. This is neither good for the site, nor are Stack Exchange questions a very suitable medium for a blog. I would prefer us to use an external blog and to find other mechanisms to integrate it with this site. The primary reason why I think blog-answers are not a good fit here is that on-topic questions could just be posted as ordinary questions,...


I think blogs in Stack Exchange are barely supported at best right now. They are not letting sites create additional blogs, as we have had this discussion recently on a different site. Don't forget if you want and write a good question you can self-answer, which in many cases can be a good way to showcase a "mini-blog." Not sure what you had in mind, ...


I want to get back Involved, writing again, but wont be till the July time frame.


I'm one of the original writers on board. Personally I think it's a good and generous idea to build the blog. I'm ready to help again, so count me in.

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