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There is no clear-cut "do this or that" anwer to your question. It depends on the specific question, your idea to answer it, your degree of uncertainty about the idea, if the idea can be scetched in two sentences in a comment (or not), and how much you care for your score. Some general recommendations: if you are unsure about the correctness of something ...


Ultimately, the goal is to get off-topic questions off the front page as quickly as possible, so that they don't provide encouragement for other people to ask their off-topic questions. Migration is not the best mechanism to do this; most off-topic questions asked here will not qualify for migration, and it's not uncommon for it to take hours for a question ...


Before editing the question, I would probably edit the answer, and explain why it answers a slightly different question than the one which was asked (refering to the deleted comment and the edit). It is not unlikely that others, when trying to find information about related topics, find your answer still useful, even if it does not fit to the last version of ...


If you read the answers they are not identical: I find the first method more readable, especially if you have nested blocks. The second method reminds me of basic, it's like you're trying to not forget that the braces are there. and: I find the second method more readable, especially if you have nested blocks. The first method reminds me of basic, it's ...


This is a tough one. One option would be to edit the question after getting the clarification in a comment. You can even use the edit description to note that the clarification edits were derived from a comment. If there's any dispute, mods can see deleted comments on a question and untangle the mess. If the comment/edit were wrong and there are good answers,...


The questions can be merged which will transfer all the answers from the duplicate to the the original.


You should look better, they are not the same and they are an attempt at humor. Clearly pointless here because we hate fun.


I don't think that pure citational answers are a good idea, because of legal reasons (but IANAL): All user contributions on Stack Exchange sites are licensed under CC-BY-SA (see the footer of this page). An user can only grant a license to content he created himself. I don't think that simply copying and pasting a few paragraphs of text and applying some ...


Stack Exchange is not a traditional forum. We expect that questions contain a question and answers contain answers to that question. If you need to add more information to a question, the post should be edited. If you have a different question, then it shouldn't be asked as an answer, but a new question.


It's not incomplete. How does it answer the question? The question is: "How does one keep argument counts low and still keep third party dependencies separate?" The bulk of your answer is talking about your codebase and how you allow for large numbers of arguments to constructors. An answer of "you don't need to" with sufficient explanation for why it's not ...


What happened is that two of the people answering got fairly quick upvotes on their answers. Enough to go over the 10 rep requirements. At that point, when a new answer comes in, those are excluded. This is working as designed - may need tweaking though.


I think it may have to do with the protection/unprotection by a diamond the first day; see the revision history. This may have blocked the auto protection from kicking in.


If the citation provides an actual answer to the question, then why not. Whenever you use a citation, you should use the normal rules for them: Make it clear to the reader that you are citing some other source Provide a reference (or link in case of a resource on the web) where you got the citation from, so the readers can look at the quote in context. And ...

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