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How do I decide whether to post an answer I'm unsure of?

There is no clear-cut "do this or that" anwer to your question. It depends on the specific question, your idea to answer it, your degree of uncertainty about the idea, if the idea can be scetched in ...
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After my answer, question has been "protected" because it has "attracted low-quality answers", why?

When we (users with enough reputation) protect questions, the standard text talks about "low quality answers", and it's a frequent thing that is done with very old questions which are resurrected to ...
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Can we please cleanup this popular question?

I just deleted all answers that were not positive scoring (<= 0). I'm debating historical locking it, but I don't think it meets all the criteria for a historical lock. I do wish that there was a "...
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Reconciling answers with old mod notices

I know that in my early mod days I liked to give people a chance to improve or expand on their one line answers and sometimes some of them would slip through the cracks. I stopped doing this because ...
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The system supports questions with multiple answers poorly (and is becoming worse at it)

As an example, here are some ideas of what can be considered: When there are many answers already, let users compare draft of their post against prior answers. This would make it naturally harder to ...
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