It really depends on the context of the question. I thought a few times about starting a very definitive proposal for office politics, but I lost enthusiasm once I realized that such a site would be quite depressing, perhaps toxic to the depressed.

If a programmer finds his way to our site asking for help, I'd hope that the first question we ask is 'can I help' versus looking for reasons not to help. Granted, some questions that have been asked are just in outer space, but according to our community (if votes mean anything), most questions are on topic.

If someone finds a new incarnation for a question, **I'm fine with that**, it just increases the chances of others finding the site. If someone attempts [a breaching experiment][1] that I feel is harmful to our community or goes against our purpose, I'll vote to close it. Example [here][2]. I've done such experiments myself, simply by [picking up litter in Singapore][3]. There are constructive ways to do most anything.

I think you might be underestimating the power of those of us that the system has learned to trust. If the question _is_ off topic, it will be closed. It may take a few days, but it will be closed.

Perhaps you were expecting faster results? If so, why?