To me, it seems like this is a very simple "please find me my information" request. It's best suited for a search engine. In fact, you don't even need one. From the [Wake homepage](, click on the "View on GitHub" link to go to the [project's GitHub page]( From there, you can click on the user's name to go to [the creator's profile](, which links to the Wake website as his URL and has an email address.

More generally, there are a few problems with the question:

- It's a resource request. Resource requests don't require human knowledge or expertise. It isn't that hard to find the resource. It doesn't take my knowledge, skills, or expertise as a software engineer to answer your question. We want those harder questions that can be backed up by references or resources, but aren't just links or recycling of those resources.
- It's not about a problem. What problem are you trying to solve? [We want questions about the problems you are experiencing]( because chatty, open-ended questions aren't generally useful to the broader community.
- Only a select few people can answer your direct questions. We aren't in a position to guess what these developers were thinking - only they can.