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Answers quality in hot questions

For few recent months, I've got a habit of downvoting answers which quality doesn't look OK to me. These probably can be generally described as low effort and/or these lacking relevance to question asked.

  • Opinionated slogans, claims that are not backed up by appropriate references or by compelling presentation of personal experience, posts that appear to ignore prior answers covering same grounds, stuff like that...

As far as I can tell, many (probably most) of my downvotes go to answers in "hot questions".

While I downvote maybe one of the answers to 5-10 "regular" questions, I noticed that almost every question with views over 2K brings answers that look bad to me.

Is that something to worry about?

For a little data to back up what was written above, I quickly went through questions with more than 10K views asked for last half year (it would be hard to do for questions over 2K views since these appear about 10x more frequently).

URL used to get above questions is:

Note I wrote "I'd downvote" above since I did not really do that to all the answers I checked because of voting limits.