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Questions tagged [workplace-se]

For questions pertaining to Workplace, a site about the workplace and other career-related topics, and how it relates to Programmers.

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15 votes
3 answers

Migration path to Workplace?

Workplace has been officially graduated: new site design has no "beta" anymore, and privileges are set to the level of graduated sites. This makes it possible to add this site to our migration path, ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Closing questions that should go to Workplace

I know it's not really a choice in the off-topic while it's in Beta, but could we have a way to specify that we want it to go there (maybe one that is dependent on reputation, only people who have ...
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  • 28.8k
13 votes
5 answers

Should we mention The Workplace in our FAQ?

Sort of following up on How should we guide questions toward The Workplace? I was thinking our FAQ's bit that says we're NOT about "career advice, including general workplace issues" to explicitly ...
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