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We are no longer accepting questions from this account

When I try to post a question in software engineering site of SO, it gives me below message and I cannot post any. Sorry, we are no longer accepting questions from this account. See the Help ...
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5 answers

Three-Strike moderation suspension policy

Typically certain user actions may result in a temporary suspension of your account: A trend of low quality questions and answers after the user has been shown how to write a question or answer ...
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I think my post was mismarked as spam

I have a question about my Software Engineering Stack Exchange post: Could H correctly decide that P never halts? This SE meta post says, a post should be marked as spam only if it promotes a product, ...
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Still Under Suspension :-(

It has been couple of months where my account where suspended due to one of my "controversial" comments. All I said was its not 80s anymore and the readability and documentation of your code is more ...
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2 answers

I am banned in programmers stackexchange?

My score is 212. Yes there is one day I asked 3 questions that is downvoted. However, I don't even know why it's downvoted. It seems like a fine question to me. Then boom I am suspended for 1 week. ...
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Why can't I chat anywhere even though I am not suspended on software engineering?

Why can't I chat anywhere even though I am not suspended? What is the "Parent site?" The parent user is not suspended. Can someone tell me what is going on?
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