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Should there be a shorter subdomain for the Software Engineering Stack Exchange? [duplicate]

A previous feature request has come up for attention by the development team. The idea is that "" can be quite long and annoying in the cases where ...
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Should there be a redirect from

When trying to navigate to Software Engineering Stack Exchange, I frequently find myself typing into my browser instead of ...
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Is there a way to see all favorite questions of all my communities?

So, since as a programmer I use many different stackexchange sites, like Stack Overflow Software Engineering Game Development Theoretical Computer Science I want to see all questions that I have ...
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Where to ask programming discussion questions? [duplicate]

There are a number of stack exchanges: Stack Overflow for programming questions, algorithm and data structure implementations, and software development tools. Programmers for architecture, design, ...
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Where does this question belong?

I want to ask if I should include known programming languages on my resume. But I do not know which site is appropriate for this. Which StackExchange site should I ask this question on?
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Where can I ask for feedback on my concept?

I thought out a software architecture for a larger application I'll be working on. Before actually starting to code, I'd like feedback on the architecture. Since this is about the needs of only my ...
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How to get rid of Bullies in Stack Exchange

I have seen people downvoting any questions without reading the question properly, just the title and hit the downvote without caring to read the content/question. Once I asked the question, I got ...
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7 votes
2 answers

"How is it built?"

Where do I ask a "how is it built?" question about an application. Assume I find a webpage or an app, and would like to learn more around what languages and frameworks that are used. I think I would ...
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5 answers

Why many features and bug reports are pending for years without being implemented/fixed?

From what I notice, a number of requests notified on Meta are abandoned without being fixed. For example my request related to the color of the links and posted a year ago is still ignored, while is ...
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3 answers

How can I edit a question that solicits debate, arguments, etc. when that's the nature of the question?

MY SE account was banned and I want to improve question to possibly get unbanned. Among these links which casued the ban was this question. The question, by nature, is debatable, and thus was closed. ...
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What is the educational background of software developers at the SE? [closed]

I ask the question because I'm curious to know what kind of background from a technical standpoint does it take to create, manage, scale something like SE. Are there a lot of engineers drawing UML ...
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Should users reputation be hidden when they first answer questions?

This is highly subjective, but I've noticed that as my reputation has increased I seem to get slightly more upvotes. There are lots of possible explanations for this, but I wonder if people are more ...
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Is Stack Exchange built with WordPress and the WordPress QA plugin?

The WordPress template and the new QA plugin is remarkably similar to the Stack Exchange family of sites. Although it does not have all the features of Stack Exchange, it does have all of the ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Can we get a simple way to initiate a chat?

The answer to this chat-related question leads to a feature request: A simple way to notify and invite someone to chat regardless of whether they've ever chatted before or not. Story: As a [...
5 votes
1 answer

Who has access to our email address?

Besides the database engineers in SE, who else has access to our email address? (I signed up using Google if it matters.) How does stack overflow "protect" our email address?
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What's new in the latest release?

I noticed one nice feature today (move your mouse over tags in question list) and apparently it's new. Is there any "what's new" file maintained somewhere where we could follow features added in new ...
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