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Will removing link to author's own research paper be enough to make this question not spam?

This question is an extension of another meta post: Why were all of my points stripped on the basis of asking this question?. The original question was marked as spam, and deleted. The meta question ...
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I think my post was mismarked as spam

I have a question about my Software Engineering Stack Exchange post: Could H correctly decide that P never halts? This SE meta post says, a post should be marked as spam only if it promotes a product, ...
4 votes
3 answers

What is spam, according to Stack Exchange and Software Engineering.SE?

I just found two curious holes in the Stack Exchange definition of spam. How to not be a spammer is only concerned with answers, not with questions. Neither What types of questions should I avoid ...
18 votes
1 answer

A spam-flagging application has been turned on for Software Engineering

For the full details, please see the discussion on Meta Stack Exchange: Can a machine be taught to flag spam automatically? In short, a group of users have created an application that, historically, ...
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Why is this question still around?

I'm talking about this. The user is obviously a troll and should probably be question-locked and some serious action taken to limit their ability to comment. I flagged it for moderator attention, no ...
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2 answers

Getting some typical blog spam via email. Any suggestions from the team, other than to ignore it/flag it in my email client?

Aside from deleting or ignoring spam messages, any recommendations on dealing with? Does the Stack Exchange team track this activity somehow? I suggest not going to the domain name mentioned below. I'...
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1 answer

Do people sometimes collaborate with multiple accounts to achieve product plugs?

I was just browsing topics and came to Why most use Cygwin and not Uwin? which reads to me like a product plug. I'm not complaining in the least about this, but I figured the rate of question closing ...
1 vote
2 answers

Thinly veiled attempt at spam advertising!

The following question is just a thinly veiled attempt at advertising!
3 votes
2 answers

The suggested edit appears to be spam

Look at the linked suggested edit by this user. The user essentially changed a rotted link (404) to what appears to me to be a commercial site that has nothing to do with the previously linked ...
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3 answers

How to tell that an answer is from an enthusiastic user or from a spammer?

I have two answers that are late answers, from the same 1-rep user (usually they are greedy enough to set their website to the project homepage, but not this one...), and that don't give much ...