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Search brings up deleted questions in results

Couple of days ago I started noticing deleted questions appearing in search results. At first I thought it was mod vision (moderators can search for deleted posts) but today when I happened to search ...
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Can I filter/hide closed questions on Programmers.SE?

This might be better suited for Meta.SO, but the problem is particularly bad here, so that's where I'm asking. Of the active questions on the Programmers home page, 7 are closed and another 2 are in ...
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How can I create a custom filtered view of questions?

How would I create an filtered view of Programmers.SE, like perhaps with a query from the Stack Exchange Data Explorer? The reason I'm looking for this is because when Programmers.SE is active, the ...
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5 votes
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Doesn't indicate results are capped at 5,000 results

On SO when a search returns > 5,000 results it indicates the results have been capped a 5,000 by displaying the number of results as "5,000+" On P.SE it only displays the "5,000" without the plus at ...
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Search cases-sensitivity bug

I wanted to search for questions relating to F# on the site, so I went to the search box and just typed: f# This returned no results. Searching for F# however (note the uppercase F), does return ...
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