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This question about why many programming languages do not support named arguments is not opinon based and should be reopened

I found the question Why do many languages not support named parameters? I saw that it has been closed as opinion-based. However, I would argue that this question is not really opinion based. Is ...
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Reopen edited "Managing a project with an unfamilar programming language"?

I've edited out the offending resource request in Managing a project with an unfamilar programming language. I don't see yet another good close reason. Any chance we can get this reopened before it ...
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What's a reasonable delay before getting feedback from a reopen edit?

Context This question was closed because it was not focused enough. I've edited it within a day or two. As of writing this, 11 days have passed since my edit and I did not get any feedback. The ...
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Reopen UUID collision probability question?

I'm researching implementing UUIDs in an app for the first time, and the very first thing I want to know is 'what is the probability of collisions'. I think it's an incredibly important software ...
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What is the process after a closed question was been edited to meet all the requirements but the reviewers don't react?

I asked a question. The question was very shortly after closed by moderators without any comments. Isn't this bad practice? This also annoyed another contributor who was writing a detailed answer to ...
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Reopen request for my question

I am requesting to have this question reopened. Because of a flag declined comment, I have been told to ask reopen requests on meta. This image serves as proof, even though this question is a ...
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Question about design rationale / history of CSS feature closed as "opinion-based"?

My question Inline HTML elements don't allow setting “width” - why is that? was just closed as "opinion-based". I'm a bit confused as to why. I'm not asking for opinion, I'm asking for the rationale ...
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Question got closed citing that it requests for "customer support"

Yesterday I asked this Qn: But some fellow members felt that, it belongs to below category: Why we're not customer support for [your ...
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Reopening the question about dynamic image generation?

I came across this question when it was at 3/5 close votes for being unclear : How are dynamic images programmed? I didn't think it was unclear at the time, however I could see how people ...
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Yet another, "please remove hold" meta question

The question has been placed on hold as primarily opinion based. I'll have to admit the name you give something is opinion based. ...
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Reopen "How to identify the responsibilities for a health check?" after edit?

What should be the scope of a health check for a system which deploys a webapp? I believe this question is now on topic. The comments make the following objections: I'm thinking it's the job of ...
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