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2 answers

I get more and better attention on Stackoverflow

I have been trying out "programmers" for quite a couple of weeks now and I feel disappointed. The questions I have been asking are for the most part left completely unanswered or get a answered with ...
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What is the difference between Programmers and Stack overflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What's the difference between Programmers and Stack Overflow? Like the title says; What is the difference between Stackoverflow and this Q&A site?
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6 votes
1 answer

Architecture (and a few other topics) questions, StackOverflow or Programmers? - How do you decide what is subjective?

I DO think this site is great for questions such as software-development-methologies, programming-eductaion, software-laws, business and many other non-programming related questions. However I believe ...
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Wouldn't be nice to have a reputation microsummary?

There's this thing made for Stackoverflow which let's you track your reputation on Firefox (check microsummaries) Some guy made an enhanced version, it's worth checking it out: It would be great to ...
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2 answers

Why was my programmers question closed but not one similar?

My question was closed today: What is programming like in the Japanese language? This question was never closed: Do people in non-English-speaking countries code in English?
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2 answers

Why Programmers when StackOverflow already exists? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What's the difference between Programmers and SO Why does this site exist when there is Stack overflow already?!!
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