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The real borderline for "Opinion based" in Software Engineering

In Software Engineering.SE (formerly known as "Programmers.SE") most of the questions are correctly related to design, patterns, metodologies and architectures. Now, my question is: when does a ...
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Why does Meta have a close reason 'primarily opinion based'?

I was very surprised to see that Meta questions can be closed as 'primarily opinion based'. IMHO, that doesn't make much sense :-) Can the close reasons on Meta be different from the ones on ...
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5 votes
2 answers

My question is [on-hold] because its primarily opinion-based. How could it be reworded to fit in this site?

I'm mainly an Stack Overflow user. I'm used to moderate there voting and flagging and I believe that I know their rules quite well. However, I'm new here and I'm still getting used. One thing that I'...
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This question isn't remotely subjective

Why was the caret used for XOR instead of exponentiation? Seriously though, this question asks for a specific reasoning - it doesn't encourage (nor would I accept) subjectivity or conjecture. It has ...
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If a duplicate question has a different accepted answer, does this imply the question is too opinion based?

There are two questions on whether one should lower his coding practices to meet those of the surrounding team: Simplicity-efficiency tradeoff If my team has low skill, should I lower the skill of my ...
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How to ask a design/architecture question that isn't opinion based?

I frequently come to programmers to ask a question about design. My current one is asking whether it's better to include an API in a .NET MVC project or whether it should be an external project. ...
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How do I know if something is opinion based?

Most of my questions about good practice I want to ask are like this: Is it good practice to do [thing]? Sometimes there's a non-opinion based answer like "You should always do that" or "You ...
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Why was my question for reasons to initialize using arguments over member variables flagged as an "Opinion based question"?

In c++, Is there any reason to initialize using arguments over member variables ( Or vice versa )? A reason is different from an opinion. And I qualified that I was interested in whether there was a ...
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Questions being closed as opinion-based *without* an explanatory comment

I recently saw my question get closed under the mantra of "Primarily opinion-based". I agree that opinion-based questions should be closed, but couldn't see what about my question fell under that ...
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How is asking, "Is there formal terminology for storage of key value pairs?" an opinion based question?

"Formal" being the working term here. I did not ask what people "informally" thought. I asked Is there formal terminology for storage of key value pairs? And it gets closed for ...
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1 answer

Can I ask whether coding patterns are good or bad? If so, how should I ask?

I have a hard time with asking “is it okay”/“is it good practice” questions in ways that the community deems suitable for this site. I see popular and high-scoring questions about good/bad practices ...
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1 answer

Why is asking if someone elaborated on a decision, an "Opinion based question"?

This question here: Why is/was Bjarne opposed to adding strong/opaque typedefs to the core language of c++? Is asking if Bjarne ever elaborated on why he opposed strong or opaque typedefs. It got ...
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Is this question opinion based?

Is this comment acceptable under your C coding standards? As my comment states I am not asking if they think it acceptable, but, rather if their organization permits it. Which, while arguably ...
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How should I phrase this / where can I ask this? I'm guessing Quora? If my questions aren't welcome here I'm more than happy to move ...
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This question about why many programming languages do not support named arguments is not opinon based and should be reopened

I found the question Why do many languages not support named parameters? I saw that it has been closed as opinion-based. However, I would argue that this question is not really opinion based. Is ...
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