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Call for volunteers: close voters

Programmers could benefit from a few more regular visitors who close questions on the front page and the Unanswered page that are clearly off-topic. "Clearly off-topic" means: We don't do ...
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Looking for algorithms

I have a problem I'm trying to solve and I'm looking for an algorithm to solve it. I'm sure a solution exists I just don't know what it's called to search for it. If I describe the nature of the ...
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Updated /help/on-topic Page in Help Center

Following a Meta discussion and some discussions in our chat room to iron out some finer points, we have completed an update to the "What topics can I ask about here?" page of our Help Center. Here ...
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Do we need to provide guidance for questions related to ethics?

I would like to edit this question/answer to provide specific guidance for asking and answering questions related to ethics on Software Engineering: Ethics questions are on-topic, given that direct ...
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What's wrong with proving best practices through statistics?

The guidance for off-topic questions has this to say about the use of statistics: Asking for a link to something or statistics This is a subtler meaning of the 'favorite off-site resource' part of ...
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Answer to a specific question and a very broad question

I was composing an answer to Can I distribute a GPL executable (not a library) in a closed-source application? when I discovered it has been closed as a duplicate of Can I use GPL, LGPL, MPL licensed ...
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Scope clarification: Mediums and efficiency of those mediums on topic?

I've never been quite clear on the scope of this site (Yeah, I've read the scope many times, but different people interpret it differently), even after 5 gold badges and 21 questions, and I'm doubtful ...
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