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No notification for custodian badge

I've just discovered review and got two Custodian badges for it, sweet! But I never got a notification for them, as I did for every other badge, and only discovered them when I noticed my bronze badge ...
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99 notifications? [closed]

Suddenly I'm getting '99 notifications', though only 4 are shown, 3 of these stale. This was only seen on programmers.SO; other sites show no new notifications, as they should. This was a freshly ...
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Rationale behind limiting @user notifications to one person?

I noticed that as of quite recently, you can't address more than @one @person in comments. Is it to discourage people from being obnoxious? To avoid spam? I often want to talk with more than one ...
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Automatically marking questions as potentially localised?

Would it be desirable for a message similar to the The question you're asking appears subjective and is likely to be closed. notification to be displayed for this SE, while questions are being ...
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Bug in votes left notification

Since the maximum amount of votes went from 30 to 40, there's a small bug in the code showing the yellow "votes left" notification box. When I vote 40 times on a day, I get the following notifications,...
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Why do I have a red envelop every time I come to Programmers?

Multiple times a day on Programmers, I'm lulled into a false sense of popularity when I'm presented with a red envelop in the middle of the top bar. But when I click through, I see that I don't have ...
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Asking Better Questions

Jeff Atwood post new article about Asking Better Questions. Please read and help us enforce the quality of questions. if you see a great, thoughtfully asked, well researched question, vote it up — ...
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