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For questions about changing site name from Programmers.

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5 votes
1 answer

Bug: incorrect links in 'What topics can I ask about here?'

I've just noticed that all links in the help section What topics can I ask about here? point to Links to the main parts of the site do resolve to softwareengineering....
19 votes
1 answer

Will this SE always be accessible as

As the title says: will this SE always be accessible as I still access it by typing pr in my browser's address bar because its official name shares a long ...
137 votes
6 answers

It's official! Programmers is now Software Engineering Stack Exchange

Awww yeah. WOoooooooOOOOoooOOOOOoooT! PARTY TIME. Check out that domain name and logo! Thanks Stack Exchange :-) If you see any problems anywhere, please leave an answer to this question so we can ...
37 votes
4 answers

So the site was renamed. Was it helpful?

The site was successfully renamed to SoftwareEngineering. Great. The primary goal of the name change was to make it clear what this site is about, and what is off-topic here. I'm very positive about ...
56 votes
1 answer

What is this "Software Engineering" site you speak of, and what kinds of questions can I ask there?

Programmers has changed its name. Why has this name change occurred? Has anything else changed? What kinds of questions will I be able to ask, now that the name has changed?
9 votes
1 answer

Is it safe to continue using [] as a magic link?

The point of magic links is to link to a site quickly in comments. [] is quite a mouthful. It looks like [] is not a valid link to our site and it's questionable if it ever ...
8 votes
3 answers

Is the rebranding of this site intended to change the acceptability of pure opinion questions?

Virtually every question from this site that I see on the 'hot questions' list strikes me as a pure exercise in eliciting conflicting opinions. They may be expert opinions, or they may not, but they ...
43 votes
9 answers

New logo for Software Engineering Stack Exchange

Changing this site from the increasingly anachronistic "Programmers" to the more fitting "Software Engineering" has been... A long road. So far, we've discussed... ...the name ...
380 votes
12 answers

(4 years later) Dear Stack Exchange: can we change our site name?

Four years ago we asked for a name change, which was rejected by SE because there was no evidence to support the claim it was causing user confusion, and there were other things the site should focus ...
32 votes
7 answers

Change the name of Programmers to something that more accurately reflects the site scope? [duplicate]

This is a follow-up to the discussion on renaming the site to match its FAQ, or changing the FAQ to match the site name. That discussion is one of the highest voted questions on here, so this ...
16 votes
1 answer

New Site Name and Help Center: Phase I Complete

Previous Discussion: Follow-Up 3: New Site Name and Help Center Discussions After approval from Ana, I published the discussed updates to the Help Center's /help/on-topic page and the site's /tour. ...
2 votes
1 answer

New Site Name and Scope: how to handle blatant debugging questions?

Per my reading of July 22nd discussion primary focus of the coming changes is to prevent the flood of debugging questions. Both SE Community Manager and our moderators appear to be in agreement about ...
27 votes
3 answers

Follow-Up 3: New Site Name and Help Center Discussions

Chat Transcript: New Site Name discussion Sep 9, 2016 Previous Discussion: Follow-Up 2: New Site Name and Scope Proposals Ana stopped by (Shog was not available today), and maple_shaft was around. ...
73 votes
9 answers

Follow-Up 2: New Site Name and Scope Proposals

After a discussion today (July 22nd) with Ana and Shog9, we've made some more progress toward a new site name and scope. You can check out the transcript for the full details, but we talked about the ...
45 votes
4 answers

I'm not a software engineer, right?

So is going to become This means I still can't ask the burning questions about proper potted plants for programmers.... AND THAT IS OK BY ME But, I do have ...
132 votes
10 answers

New Site Name and Scope Proposals

From Ana, a Stack Exchange Community Manager in the previous question about changing the site name: It took us a good while, but the Community Team has circled up and here's where we stand on your ...
13 votes
1 answer

New Site Name and Scope Proposals: what happens to the hyperlinks?

I'm following more or less all the current buzz about changing the site name. I entirely agree with the proposal. However, I haven't seen mentioned (maybe it was, but, well, there are a lot of ...
33 votes
5 answers

Follow-Up: New Site Name and Scope Proposals

I've been pondering these proposed changes to the site's name and scope for the past few weeks. This was, you'll recall, instigated by Ana's response to Rachel's proposal for a new name for this site.....